The DTILE system is a modular 3D ceramic tiling system, that works on the classic and time-proven 15cm square grid – but takes this into 3 dimensions. It consists of  at tiles, rounded tiles (or ‘construction-tiles’ as we like to call them), and function-tiles. This system allows any space, object or surface to be fully tiled, with soft rounded edges. DTILE covers the surfaces in a blanket of tiles, with a single, unbroken grid of tilework.

DTILE can be used for almost any application – on floors or walls, indoors or out- doors, wet or dry, domestic, public or industrial.

Please email us to enquire about DTILE orders, and be informed that orders take approximately 2.5 months for white and 3.5 months for other colours. If you need it sooner, shipping by air is available at a surcharge.

Key Features:
• The DTILE tiling system is modular, with a foundation based on the classic and time-proven 15cm x 15cm grid
• The flat tiles measure 147x147x8.3 mm (within tolerance limits)
• Apart from the curved tiles, various functional are available such as towel hangers, fresh air vent tiles, bookshelf tiles, etc, which all conform to the 15×15 grid.
• The tiles conform to the highest European standards for strength, water ab- sorbtion, resistance to abrasion, thermal pressure, shock resistance.
• A range of colours is available.
• Sketchup 3D models available for every tile, enabling easy mockups.

Brochure & Technical Specifications
Current Pricelist
How to design using DTILE
DTILE Sketchup Manual

Image Credit: Alicja Dobrucka
Image Credit: DTILE