The DTILE system is a modular 3D ceramic tiling system, that works on the classic and time-proven 15cm square grid – but takes this into 3 dimensions. It consists of  at tiles, rounded tiles (or ‘construction-tiles’ as we like to call them), and function-tiles. This system allows any space, object or surface to be fully tiled, with soft rounded edges. DTILE covers the surfaces in a blanket of tiles, with a single, unbroken grid of tilework.

DTILE can be used for almost any application – on floors or walls, indoors or out- doors, wet or dry, domestic, public or industrial.

Please email us to enquire about DTILE orders, and be informed that orders take approximately 12 weeks for production + 5 weeks for shipping to India.

Key Features:
• The DTILE tiling system is modular, with a foundation based on the classic and time-proven 15cm x 15cm grid
• The flat tiles measure 147x147x8.3 mm (within tolerance limits)
• Apart from the curved tiles, various functional are available such as towel hangers, fresh air vent tiles, bookshelf tiles, etc, which all conform to the 15×15 grid.
• The tiles conform to the highest European standards for strength, water ab- sorbtion, resistance to abrasion, thermal pressure, shock resistance.
• A range of colours is available.
• Sketchup 3D models available for every tile, enabling easy mockups.

Brochure & Technical Specifications
Current Pricelist
How to design using DTILE
DTILE Sketchup Manual

Image Credit: Alicja Dobrucka
Image Credit: DTILE