Ifö Electric and Kera
Timeless modernist Scandinavian designs from Sweden and Finland make up our lighting collection.

Ifö Electric is a century-old company based in the southernmost part of Sweden. It produces wall, ceiling, and outdoor lamps in a timeless manner using a ceramic base and glass. A lot of the designs are modernist classics in continuous production for decades. KGM has chosen the finest pieces for the Indian market.

Kera Interior is a Finnish company excelling in lighting technology and the use of acrylic therein. It is extremely design driven uses – some of the designs such as the sky flyer appears to float in the air and is a modern masterpiece from the 50’s by designer Yki Numi. We at KGM have cherry picked the finest Modernist designs from Kera’s collection. We have a small range in stock in Mumbai for ready delivery, but can supply any item from their collection.

Please note that all the below prices are subject to 28% GST.


  • 7,500