Kera Tip Pendant Lamps 40cm


A family of products has been established around the luminous and brilliant Tip hanging light. The newest led technologies combine with traditional material Рopal acrylic. Thin, 50 mm thick from the middle and narrow towards the sides, acryl plate shares light beautifully downwards and upwards. The upward rising neck in the middle brings to mind a falling water drop just before it spreads to the base. Hung at different heights, the Tip lights make a nice interior element that catches the eye at home or in public premises. The light is also available as dimmable.

Two sizes are available – 40cm and 60cm diameter.

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About Kera
Kera Interior is a Finnish company excelling in lighting technology and the use of acrylic therein. It is extremely design driven. We at KGM have cherry picked the finest Modernist designs from Kera’s collection.

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