Inside Saddle Tile
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Inside Saddle Tile Inside Saddle Tile Inside Saddle Tile


Inside Saddle Tile

At the heart of the DTILE system are the curved construction tiles. These allow a three dimensional surface to be tiled, based on a 15cm 3D grid. The Inside Saddle tile is one of the 6 construction tiles in the DTILE system. When used in bathrooms and kitchens this allows for squeaky clean corners - dirt stands no chance! Prices are per piece and delivery time is approximately 2 months for white tiles and 3 months for all colours. For exact times please email us at
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About DTile

DTILE is a young Dutch ceramics company producing a unique 3D modular glazed ceramic tiling system. This includes flat square tiles; but also curved construction tiles that follow the shape of the surface being tiled. A growing range of function tiles complete the system. The DTILE system is based on the well known and widely used 15x15 cm module size. However, DTILE adds a third dimension in tiling, and therefore the system follows a 15x15x15cm grid.