Barstool 18
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Barstool 18 Barstool 18 Barstool 18 Barstool 18


Barstool 18

The 18 is the barstool variation of the classic Chair 18 bentwood café chair.

The chair 18 is one of the earliest chairs to be made through mass production in the mid-1800s. The classic design has been unchanged since then, and has been widely used, especially in cafés around the world. In Bombay the classic Irani cafés have been using these chairs since the turn of the last century...

Super lightweight and sturdy, and made of steam bent beechwood, these chairs have the perfect height for cafés and bars.

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About TON

The TON company dates back to the mid-1800s when Michael Thonet patented a steam bending process for beechwood and the café bentwood chair was born. This was the first piece of furniture to be mass manufactured and exported around the world. In India the Irani cafés were famous for having adopted them not long after they were introduced. Many cafés still have the original pieces in use. Ton has survived 150+ years; through private and public ownership; through imperialism, fascism, communism, and capitalism, and still produce the chairs in the same factory they were originally produced in in the Czech Republic.